A Pretty Odd Bunny: Roast it!
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A Pretty Odd Bunny: Roast it! · game online

In "A Pretty Odd Bunny: Roast It!", the cunning rabbit with an unusual craving makes a comeback! He stealthily tracks down unsuspecting pigs and expertly roasts them, all while dodging the suspicions of other bunnies. Utilize your bunny prowess to stealthily navigate obstacles and avoid detection. Gather all the concealed sausages scattered across the game's 20 levels and discover if you can uncover the hidden secret at the journey's end. Can you fulfill your desire for perfectly roasted pork while safeguarding your clandestine operation?

How to play the game A Pretty Odd Bunny: Roast it!?

Move - A/D or Left/Right arrows

Jump - W or Up arrow

Crouch - S or Down arrow