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Facepalm Quest · game online

Step into the whimsical world of Facepalm Quest, a hilarious game where your main objective is to make the characters facepalm in utter disbelief! Imagine the most cringe-worthy, awkward, or outrageously frustrating scenarios that would make anyone slap their forehead in exasperation, and then bring those situations to life!

In this game, you’ll need to think outside the box as you craft absurd and entertaining puzzles designed to elicit the ultimate facepalm reaction. Watch the characters’ reactions, use your creativity, and solve the quirky puzzles to progress through the game.

Prepare to laugh out loud as you raise your own hand to cover your face in amusement! Can you master the art of the facepalm and conquer every challenge in this uproarious adventure? Get ready to embrace the fun and dive into the crazy antics of Facepalm Quest!

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