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Strike Solitaire · game online

Board games are a delightful way to spend our leisure time, adding interest and enjoyment to our moments of relaxation. Among them, card solitaire stands out. Today, we're excited to introduce you to an intriguing and original version called Solitaire Strike. Let's go over its rules.

Displayed on your screen are several stacks of cards, with their images concealed. At the end of each row lies a face-down card. Your task is to carefully scan all the columns to find cards of the same rank and click on them. The key is that they should feature opposing symbols - one with pins, the other with a bowling ball. Upon selection, they vanish from the screen, earning you points. If you exhaust your moves, you can utilize the deck for assistance, located at the bottom left. Clicking on it reveals two cards that may aid your gameplay. Your objective is to clear all face-up cards. Failing to do so and running out of moves, along with no helpful cards left in the deck, results in losing the round.

How to play the game Strike Solitaire?

Use your mouse to play.