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Solitaire Classic · game online

Welcome to Solitaire Classic - The Single-Player Card Game - an exhilarating card game of "Klondike" for all fans of thrilling adventures! This is the perfect card game for those who love classic retro computer games, and one of the most popular and engaging single-player card games of all time.

The objective of the game is simple: move all the available cards into the four foundation piles. But achieving this is not so easy. You'll need to arrange all the cards in the tableau in descending order while alternating colors. Sometimes you'll have to use cards from the stock pile in the top-right corner. And if you're up for a greater challenge, adjust the game difficulty to always deal three cards at a time instead of one.

In the top-left corner, a special challenge awaits: to place all the aces (which count as 1) of each suit into the foundation piles. This is your fundamental task. Here, you'll need to stack all the cards, starting from aces and ending with kings, but this time in ascending order and with one suit. When all four foundation piles are filled, victory in the game is yours!

Join Solitaire Classic and immerse yourself in the world of captivating card challenges!

How to play the game Solitaire Classic ?

Use your mouse to play.