Farm Match Seasons
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Farm Match Seasons · game online

In Farm Match Seasons, it's harvest time! Abundant with delicious fruits and beautiful flowers just waiting to be picked, are you prepared to take on the dozens of fun and challenging levels in this match-3 game?

Matching these delightful fruits is an absolute joy! To succeed, you'll need to plan your moves carefully and think ahead. Each level presents you with a specific objective that must be completed within a limited number of moves. These tasks typically involve collecting a certain quantity of items such as fruits, horseshoes, rocks, and more. Align three or more identical items in a row or column to gather them, earning points in the process. Your score is displayed in the top left corner of the screen, and you can earn up to three stars on each level based on your performance. These stars unlock treasure chests, power-ups, and other rewards!

Feeling stuck? Don't worry, boosters are available to help you out! You'll earn these boosters as you progress through the game. Keep an eye on your remaining moves, and continue matching items to achieve a high score. Get ready to immerse yourself in the farming fun and enjoy the harvest!

How to play the game Farm Match Seasons?

Use your mouse to play.