Bubble Shooter HD 3
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Bubble Shooter HD 3 · game online

Take aim and witness a burst of vibrant bubbles in Bubble Shooter HD 3! The screen is filled with these colorful orbs, and your task is to clear them all to emerge victorious. How quickly can you conquer each level?

Your objective is straightforward: eliminate all the bubbles on the screen. Achieve this by targeting groups of at least 2 bubbles of the same color. Use your mouse to play; adjust your aim by moving the cursor and click to launch a bubble from the bottom of the screen when ready. If your shot fails to remove any bubbles, you'll lose a chance, with your remaining attempts displayed at the bottom of the bubble you're shooting. You have a total of 6 chances, and exhausting them will cause the bubbles to descend. If they breach the bottom line, it's game over. Customize your gaming experience using the settings and dive into the fun!

How to play the game Bubble Shooter HD 3?

Use your mouse to play.