Elixpur Idle
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Elixpur Idle · game online

Enter the enchanting realm of Elixpur Idle, a captivating idle clicker adventure that will whisk you away to a world of wonder! Join forces with a charming cat wizard who urgently requires your assistance in gathering mushrooms for crafting special potions. Click on the mushrooms to hasten their growth, all the while being aided by adorable cat wizard apprentices who diligently assist in the harvesting process.

Once gathered, deliver the mushrooms to the wizard, who will skillfully concoct unique potions infused with magical properties. These potions can then be sold for profit, allowing you to reinvest your earnings into upgrading your mushroom operation and refining the quality of your potions.

Together with a band of whimsical cat wizards, can you brew the most magnificent potion the world has ever seen? The fate of this fantastical realm rests in your hands!

How to play the game Elixpur Idle?

Click on the mushrooms to speed up their growth.