Troll Thief - Stickman Puzzle
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Troll Thief - Stickman Puzzle · game online

Here, in this fun puzzle game, you will need to show your creative thinking and find non-standard solutions to pass all the levels. The tasks here will not be standard, and you will have to apply your intelligence and creativity to find a way out of each situation.

You will play as a troll who must successfully complete each level by swiping the appropriate objects. But be careful, you need to avoid traps and dangers on your way to avoid getting stuck or losing.

It's better to troll than be trolled, so if you get stuck on a level, don't hesitate to use a hint or skip it. But don't forget that each missed task can prevent you from completing the game and achieving your goal. So be persistent and smart to become the best troll in this fun game!

How to play the game Troll Thief - Stickman Puzzle?

Use mouse or touch to play.