Monkey GO Happy Stage 640: Monster Pup
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Monkey GO Happy Stage 640: Monster Pup · game online

In episode 640 of the game "Monkey GO Happy," our heroine finds herself in a rather unusual universe where she meets various characters, including talking animals and a wizard. Initially, only three locations are available, which need to be traversed to collect the necessary items. It's important to note that it's necessary to collect half of the items to combine them and create keys that allow access to two other zones. To complete the game, you also need to collect 40 balls and plant a flower in a pot, which will be needed for exchange with a merchant and a wizard. During the game, you may encounter a bull that needs two 16-kilogram weights to continue its training. Find a dagger that can cut fabric, spider webs, and even extract stones from walls. Also, pay attention to four switches whose positions can be changed. Hints to the switch positions can be found in the form of drawings or on a special hint sheet that will be in your backpack after you pick it up. Good luck!

How to play the game Monkey GO Happy Stage 640: Monster Pup?

Tap or Left mouse click.