Monkey GO Happy Stage 642: Fish
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Monkey GO Happy Stage 642: Fish · game online

The 642nd episode of the game "Monkey GO Happy" is based on the theme of fishing, as it takes place at the foot of a lake where a large, big fish resides. One of the old fishermen is trying to catch such a fish, realizing that he will need at least 50 worms for this. Due to his age, he cannot find them himself and asks the monkey for help. First, you need to explore the surrounding areas, as most of the locations, except for the first two, will be locked. You will need to find a ladder and enter the correct code to open the door to the second floor. Then you will have to solve several puzzles and obtain an iron key to move freely and interact with the local heroes and characters.

Don't forget to collect items in your backpack to use them when they are needed. Be careful not to miss any clues.

How to play the game Monkey GO Happy Stage 642: Fish?

Tap or Left mouse click.