Monkey GO Happy Stage 648: CATACOMBS Chapter — 2
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Monkey GO Happy Stage 648: CATACOMBS Chapter — 2 · game online

Diving into the depths of the catacombs, the monkey once again feels the taste of adventure on her lips. This time, our heroine's goal is to open a magical door hidden from prying eyes behind a thick layer of magic. To accomplish this task, she must find a special magical staff that will reveal the mysterious doors before her.

However, to achieve her goal, the monkey will have to carefully search every available location in these dark catacombs, as well as talk to the locals who may share valuable information about the staff's whereabouts. Some of them are willing to exchange their belongings for something that can help the monkey in her adventure.

The catacombs hidden in darkness are full of secrets, riddles, and items to collect in a backpack. Among the things, there will be a sword that will help overcome any obstacles along the way, cutting through fabrics and lifting stones.

However, there will not only be ancient monsters and evil scientists on the way, but also the magic itself, which will hinder the monkey in completing her mission. But our heroine is ready for the challenges, she has everything she needs to become the hero of her own story and pass through all the trials to open the mysterious door and achieve her goal.

How to play the game Monkey GO Happy Stage 648: CATACOMBS Chapter — 2?

Tap or Left mouse click.