Monkey GO Happy Stage 650: CATACOMBS Chapter — 3
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Monkey GO Happy Stage 650: CATACOMBS Chapter — 3 · game online

Diving into the world of catacombs for the third time proved to be no less thrilling than the first two. The monkey sets off once again to explore the unknown locations of the underground dungeon. But this time, she needs to collect all the items and put them in her backpack for future use.

Move between mysterious locations, carefully examining every corner of the rooms. Every detail can be crucial. Don't forget to talk to the unusual locals, finding out what they want in exchange for the necessary item.

But even one part of an item can be the key to successfully completing the mission. Who would have thought that forty small sticks would be needed to satisfy the voracious python? Additionally, be sure to find the sword, which will not only help to cut the rope but also become necessary to complete the main task - opening the passage. Without it, you won't be able to succeed.

We wish you luck in this dangerous and exciting adventure!

How to play the game Monkey GO Happy Stage 650: CATACOMBS Chapter — 3?

Tap or Left mouse click.