Monkey GO Happy Stage 654: CATACOMBS Chapter — 5
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Monkey GO Happy Stage 654: CATACOMBS Chapter — 5 · game online

Welcome to the fifth chapter of the thrilling adventures of our little monkey in the treacherous catacombs! Once again, she fearlessly embarks on a quest to find ancient treasures hidden in the depths of these mysterious underground passages. To reach the coveted reward, she must overcome numerous puzzles cleverly scattered along the path. This cunning labyrinth demands attentiveness and an understanding of the secrets that shroud it.

However, help comes in the form of the local inhabitants - peculiar monsters who effortlessly communicate with the monkey. Sometimes these encounters spark thoughts of potential exchanges of valuables: the monkey can offer something precious and receive useful items in return, aiding her in her arduous journey.

You are tasked with exploring all the accessible locations, and here's some good news - they are all open from the very beginning! Unleash your gaze upon every detail, explore every nook and cranny of this enigmatic place. Be attentive, for somewhere within, keys are hidden, necessary to unlock secret doors, as well as a special tool capable of cutting fabric and venturing into dark and perilous chasms. With this tool, you will acquire a total of 40 rings, which are essential for completing this captivating adventure.

May luck accompany you at every step and bring you closer to the coveted reward concealed within the depths of this enthralling world!

How to play the game Monkey GO Happy Stage 654: CATACOMBS Chapter — 5?

Tap or Left mouse click.