Monkey GO Happy Stage 660: CATACOMBS Chapter — 8
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Monkey GO Happy Stage 660: CATACOMBS Chapter — 8 · game online

The eighth chapter of the amazing adventures of the little monkey in the intricate catacomb mazes continues, revealing the splendor and enigma of this place. Amidst the dark passages, the adventurous seeker once again faces a challenging task - to find a secret door hidden somewhere deep within and then decipher a code to gain access to a priceless treasure concealed behind the walls of this forgotten place.

However, before reaching the gold, she must overcome yet another trial, which requires patience and cunning. As her companion, you need to collect and accumulate all forty ornaments, which serve as currency for exchange with a mysterious merchant. Only after a successful exchange of the gathered ornaments will you be able to obtain a valuable item that will open the door to the next stage of the adventure and help you progress further in the captivating storyline.

If in previous challenges a sword would have been an indispensable companion, this time a reliable torch will be more suitable, serving as your source of light in the darkness of the catacombs. Here, in the depths of the underground labyrinth, darkness shrouds everything, and surprises await at every step. Therefore, be prepared for the ordeal and gather your thoughts, as various puzzles await you, requiring your resourcefulness and logical thinking. Onward, to meet new adventures that await you at the heart of these mysterious catacombs.

How to play the game Monkey GO Happy Stage 660: CATACOMBS Chapter — 8?

Tap or Left mouse click.