Monkey GO Happy Stage 666: Devils Necklace
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Monkey GO Happy Stage 666: Devils Necklace · game online

This part of the game is enveloped in an atmosphere of hell, which is not surprising considering that the number of levels has reached a significant three-digit figure. However, the little monkey doesn't stop at anything to complete its next adventure until the very end, especially when it's so engaging, and you'll have to come up with ways to entertain the colossal demon.

Almost all locations are initially accessible here, except for one. To reach the final location, you'll need to find a key that is held by a fisherman, who is willing to exchange it for a valuable item. Collect similar items in your backpack to use them later, and you'll also have to gather teeth for your collection.

How to play the game Monkey GO Happy Stage 666: Devils Necklace?

Tap or Left mouse click.