Monkey GO Happy Stage 672: Weird World Chapter — 2
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Monkey GO Happy Stage 672: Weird World Chapter — 2 · game online

Immerse yourself in an exhilarating adventure where you'll need not only cleverness but also precision to penetrate the mighty castle and unravel a series of riddles. Picture this: a majestic castle surrounded by massive walls looms before you. Its fortress gates appear impenetrable, resembling the iron teeth of an ancient dragon. However, you are destined to overcome these obstacles and discover its secrets.

Mysterious extraterrestrial beings seem determined to land on this land, but their path is blocked by a guard who has fortified himself in front of the castle. These powerful warriors protect their lands with unwavering zeal, transforming into indomitable guardians of impregnability. To send them into retreat, you can only rely on a unique crossbow, which can be found only after a challenging search and the collection of ten arrows. The fate of the entire mission rests solely in your hands.

However, before embarking on solving these intricate puzzles, it is worth establishing contact with the local heroes. Perhaps they possess knowledge or have their own goals and desires that can aid you in achieving your objective. Utilize your communication skills and ability to find common ground to learn their stories and wishes. Each conversation with a hero is a chance to explore new horizons and fill your backpack with valuable items necessary to solve the puzzles.

Leave no detail unattended, explore every corner of the castle, be persistent, and do not falter. Your resourcefulness and courage will be vital for a successful infiltration and the revelation of all the mysteries within this enigmatic castle.

How to play the game Monkey GO Happy Stage 672: Weird World Chapter — 2?

Tap or Left mouse click.