Monkey GO Happy Stage 674: Weird World Chapter — 3
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Monkey GO Happy Stage 674: Weird World Chapter — 3 · game online

In the third adventure of the monkey, she continues to explore a world that initially seems unfamiliar to conventional thinking. Here, humans and extraordinary creatures coexist peacefully, creating a unique atmosphere. However, the monkey is faced with the task of finding and unlocking a pathway sealed with a special symbol.

First, she must gather key elements and assemble them together, and then find the correct code to open the locked path. As always, the monkey needs to interact with each inhabitant to obtain useful items and use them wisely. When everything falls into place, she will realize the importance of apples and the role a comb can play.

Immerse yourself in this world with the monkey and uncover its riddles and secrets. Solve puzzles, utilize the collected items, and broaden your horizons. Each encounter and discovery will help you progress and unveil all the mysteries of this extraordinary world.

How to play the game Monkey GO Happy Stage 674: Weird World Chapter — 3?

Tap or Left mouse click.