Monkey GO Happy Stage 676: Weird World Chapter — 4
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Monkey GO Happy Stage 676: Weird World Chapter — 4 · game online

Ahead of you lies the continuation of thrilling adventures in the amazing world, quite literally in every sense of the word! You will immerse yourself in the exploration of a mysterious castle, guarded by two hungry sentinels at the entrance. Yes, you heard it right: one of them craves cheese, while the other dreams of a tasty sausage. But they are not the only ones who request something in this place. For example, the first character you encounter will ask you to bring him a magical staff, and the kind monster demands forty pears arranged in a basket. And if you peek into the room on the left, you will discover that the vampire has lost his two books, while on the right, the octopus is missing his beloved hat and pipe.

All these items can be obtained if you carefully explore the surrounding area and solve various puzzles, relying on hints. Immerse yourself in this captivating journey and uncover all the secrets hidden within this marvelous castle!

How to play the game Monkey GO Happy Stage 676: Weird World Chapter — 4?

Tap or Left mouse click.