Monkey GO Happy Stage 795: Wobbly World — Chapter 5
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Monkey GO Happy Stage 795: Wobbly World — Chapter 5 · game online

A new adventure begins for our famous monkey in the amazing, unstable world. In the fifth installment, she embarks on the exploration of new locations, filled with mysterious puzzles and unusual creatures. Meeting peculiar inhabitants, the monkey offers them friendly assistance by providing requested items.

However, the primary goal of this chapter becomes the liberation of the Hot Dog Monster, imprisoned in a mysterious location. To achieve this objective, the monkey must explore two enigmatic houses, each securely locked. Before delving into their mysterious depths, the monkey needs to find keys hidden in various corners of this puzzling world.

Navigating through mazes and solving intricate puzzles, our heroine gathers useful items essential for freeing the Hot Dog Monster. But stay alert, as each step may lead to new riddles and adventures. Will the monkey overcome challenges, solve puzzles, and reach her main goal? Onward, to new adventures in the astonishingly unstable world!

How to play the game Monkey GO Happy Stage 795: Wobbly World — Chapter 5?

You can use your mouse to play this game.