Highway Crazy Bike
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Highway Crazy Bike · game online

Take on the role of a daring biker and hit the highway to showcase your skills in a fast-paced 3D adventure in "Highway Crazy Bike"! Your goal in the game is simple: ride as far as you can and overtake as many vehicles as possible! At the beginning of the game, you can choose one of the four available bike options. Similarly to bike selection, initially, only one game mode is available, but don't worry – you can unlock additional modes as you progress.

Once in the game, use the arrow keys to control your bike. Accelerate with the UP arrow key and switch lanes using the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. Press the SHIFT key to perform wheelies. Be cautious as you share the road with other vehicles. Pass by them to earn coins, but be mindful not to collide, as it can lead to falling off your bike and ending the game. Use the money you earn to unlock other game modes, maps, and bikes. Get ready for some thrilling fun!

How to play the game Highway Crazy Bike?

Use the arrow keys to drive.

Use the SHIFT key to perform a wheelie.