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Crystal Connect · game online

A village falls victim to a dragon's wrath, and it's up to you to aid the survivors in Crystal Connect! Across numerous levels, can you unravel all the puzzles and assist the townsfolk?

Who could have foreseen the sudden appearance of a dragon on what was once a tranquil day? This colossal creature laid waste to all in its path, but fortunately, you've arrived to lend a hand! Your objective in this game is to aid the villagers in reconstructing their homes by tackling puzzles across various levels, all while managing the ticking clock. These puzzles revolve around gem connections. To progress through a level, your task is to match and link each gem on the grid, clearing them all from the board. Utilize your mouse to play; click on a gem, then on its identical counterpart to form a connection. Remember, the path between gems must be unobstructed, with the connecting line making no more than two turns. Failure to meet these criteria renders the connection impossible. Should you find yourself at an impasse, rely on three distinct power-ups: hint, shuffle, and extra time. With each level completed, you'll contribute to a repair progress bar and unearth treasure chests. These chests harbor valuable power-ups, so seize as many as possible!

How to play the game Crystal Connect?

Use your mouse to play.