Puzzle Love
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Puzzle Love · game online

Don't let anything hinder true love with Puzzle Love! Solve the puzzles of the gray boxes to open the path between the two lovers and bring them back together! Devise a strategy for completing each level, move the lovers along with the boxes, and see where their love will lead them!

Build bridges between the separated lovers and reunite them by solving logical puzzles! This cute and simple challenge will make you see things in a new light and develop new tactics to overcome them. To begin, click the "Play" button and study the game board. You can interact with some of the boxes, while others you cannot. Your task here is to use the light gray boxes to alter the arrangement of the game board and bring the two lovers close to each other. With the help of these blocks, you can create a path for our characters and move them around the board. As you progress through the game, you will encounter even greater difficulties, but don't be afraid; you will be able to navigate past the monsters and obstacles to make the young couple happy again! Explore all the features and see how far you can go in this challenge!

How to play the game Puzzle Love?

You can use your mouse to play this game.