Garden Tales Mahjong 2
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Garden Tales Mahjong 2 · game online

Enter the garden and immerse yourself in the captivating game of Garden Tales Mahjong 2! New levels and diverse challenges await you—are you ready to solve a multitude of puzzles?

The game offers numerous levels, and your goal is to successfully complete each one by clearing all the tiles before time runs out. Each tile in the game has a corresponding pair, and your task is to match them to remove them from the board. Keep in mind that you can only select tiles that are not covered by others, as indicated by their brighter colors. Additionally, various hints are available on the right side of the screen to assist you when you get stuck. With a time limit of 8 minutes per level, these hints can prove invaluable in overcoming difficulties.

You can choose from two exciting game modes: "Quick Play" and "Chapters." "Quick Play" offers a single game for short sessions, while "Chapters" provides a series of levels for longer gameplay sessions. The "Chapters" mode, consisting of 25 chapters, each containing multiple levels, opens up ample opportunities for determined players. Can you complete all the chapters and emerge victorious? Enjoy the adventure!

How to play the game Garden Tales Mahjong 2?

You can use your mouse to play this game.