Super Friday Night vs Beast Guy
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Super Friday Night vs Beast Guy · game online

Take on the challenge in the showdown between Super Friday Night and Beast Guy and show everyone that your rhythm is flawless! Can you complete each level, earning the maximum number of points?

Who is this Beast Guy, and why does his name sound so similar to another famous person? He may mimic someone else's appearance and name, but you and your skills are original! Your goal is to pass each level by pressing the keys at the right time. At first, it may seem easy, but be prepared. There are a total of 12 levels, but all except the first one are locked. You can unlock levels by successfully completing the available ones.

When you start, arrow keys will appear on the screen, moving upward from the bottom. Once they reach the top of the screen, press the corresponding arrow key on the keyboard. Hitting the right timing will earn you points, and you'll see your symbol moving to the left on the progress indicator located at the bottom. If you miss a note, you won't lose points, but your symbol will shift to the right. You complete a level when you move the symbol all the way to the left, but you lose the game if it moves to the right.

Test your visual and motor coordination, and conquer all the levels, scoring the maximum number of points! Enjoy the game!

How to play the game Super Friday Night vs Beast Guy?

Use the arrow keys to play this game.