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Darwinism · game online

Welcome to the captivating world of evolution in the online game Darwinism! Embark on an exciting adventure to dive into the depths of the theory of biological evolution, right from the cozy corner of your home!

Join us and discover how the theory claims that all species arise and develop through natural selection of inherited variations. In the game Darwinism you'll be able to personally conduct this process by combining various elements and enhancing the abilities of organisms to compete, survive, and reproduce!

Begin your journey with simple single-celled organisms and gradually evolve, creating new species, starting from fire that burns every element and ending with DNA, capable of replacing any element on the game board. Travel through levels, developing your species from easy to expert, explore the diversity of living creatures, including lizards, wolves, monkeys, and much more!

Are you ready to become a true master of evolution? Join the online game Darwinism right now and learn more about the origin of life by playing the most exciting puzzle game on your device!

How to play the game Darwinism?

Use your mouse to play.