Basketball Challenge
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Basketball Challenge · game online

Immerse yourself in the world of Basketball Challenge! Basketball isn't always about team play and intense matches. Sometimes, all you need to focus on is the ball and the hoop. Follow this logic to master this game. In this basketball game, you have a ball, a basketball hoop, and your stamina. You'll encounter two main game modes. The "Levels" mode presents a series of tasks that become progressively more challenging with each level. Sometimes, you'll need to make a limited number of shots without errors, other times you'll have a limited time to make a specific number of shots, and sometimes you'll need to score by getting the ball through the hoop without touching the rim within a set timeframe. In "Endless mode," you have three attempts to avoid missing, and you can keep playing endlessly if you don't run out of chances. Grab the basketballs and get ready to take control of the hoop!

How to play the game Basketball Challenge?

You can click left and drag your cursor to aim, then release the left click to dunk the ball.