Stupidella 4
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Stupidella 4 · game online

Just when we thought Stupidella's adventures were over, she returns in the fourth installment of the game, filled with absurd, wild, and unusual challenges! In this version of the story, when the clock struck twelve, Cinderella didn't go back to her normal life. Instead, she transformed into Stupidella!

Summon a genie, visit the circus, work as a janitor, or ride the subway - she can do it all! However, she needs your help to find the right solutions, which aren't always easy to spot. If you get stuck on a difficult level, don't worry - you can always use a hint to guide you in the right direction.

Are you ready to help Stupidella in her crazy adventures once again? Dive into the world of Stupidella and start this fun and mad journey!

How to play the game Stupidella 4?

Click around to find the solution.