Craftomation 2
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Craftomation 2 · game online

In Craftimation 2, you control a legion of small robots that have landed on a distant icy planet. Their goal is to repair their spaceship and return home. However, the robots aren't very smart, so you'll need to program their actions and tell them what to do.

The programming language for the robots is simple and consists of a set of basic instructions that can be combined. The robots perform tasks sequentially: once they complete one, they move on to the next related task. They can gather items, combine them, create new ones, and dispose of unwanted ones. It's crucial to set up the code correctly to prevent the robots from malfunctioning due to not knowing what to do next.

Can you become a skilled programmer and help the robots return home?

How to play the game Craftomation 2?

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move around.

Use Shift to slow down time.

Use the right mouse button to dash.