Stickman Run
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Stickman Run · game online

Stickman Run is an exhilarating platform game where you embark on an endless and thrilling race! The core gameplay is simple yet captivating: get ready and tap the screen to jump! Leap over deep chasms, avoid sharp spikes, and dodge various other obstacles along the way!

As you immerse yourself in the game, you'll be able to perform spectacular stunts, such as wall jumps and acrobatic flips, adding even more excitement to the race. But be careful: enemies are on the lookout and will try to shoot you down!

Don't forget to collect the shiny coins scattered throughout the level. They will allow you to unlock a variety of cute and funny skins for your character, adding diversity and personality to your run. With each new attempt, you become better and better!

Are you ready to challenge yourself and run towards success on your first try? Join the incredible adventures in Stickman Run and feel the real adrenaline!

How to play the game Stickman Run?

Tap the space bar or the up arrow key or left click to jump.